In my view, Ron Hirschberg is an exceptional veterinarian specializing in the field of Photobiomodulation. He possesses profound knowledge of PBM mechanisms and dosage, complemented by an excellent understanding of companion pet anatomy, physiology, and pathology, all backed by his extensive 20 years of hands-on experience. Not only is he an articulate and engaging speaker, but his stage presence, rigor, and clarity leave me in awe.

- James Carroll, CEO, THOR Photomedicine

As a researcher in the field of Photobiomodulation, my work spans both the science and clinical application. I have worked with Dr. Hirschberg on several projects, including applying light therapy to chronic kidney disease and tail wounds in companion animals. Working with Ron is always a great pleasure - he has a deep understanding of veterinary medicine and unique experience with light therapy. When I ask him a question, I know that he will ponder it from all sides and give me the best advice, and not less important, working with Ron is fun and always leaves me smiling.

- Lilach Gavish, PhD, MPH, Senior Research Associate The Faculty of Medicine, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Hirschberg’s kindness, compassion, and expertise are truly exceptional. He is meticulous and thoughtful, and although he is a conscientious man of science, it is remarkable that his mind is always open to alternatives that his patients may benefit from.

- Sey Cruz, Los Angeles

Luna Buzzetta, a 15-year old female DSH cat with stage 4 chronic kidney disease, advanced hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and congestive heart failure was brought for PBMT treatment under Dr. Hirschberg’s supervision. PBMT has vastly improved her quality of life in terms of appetite, energy levels, and overall demeanor. Within a week of starting PBMT, Luna started playing vigorously and having the “zoomies” again after having a much lower energy level for five months since diagnosis of CHF and CKD.

Jerilyn Buzzetta